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UIL-Section 1204 Mileage Reimbursement

The UIL implemented a flat fee system for reimbursing officials for travel based on the one-way mileage between the school they are officiating and their chapter center point.


TAPPS uses this same information as TASO invoice.  There is no separate TAPPS invoice.


Schools are using google maps and the shortest route.  This may not be the route you want to use, but it is the school’s preference for mileage reimbursement.


For calculating mileage for a particular school, you can view the mileage chart, It lists each school with the corresponding mileage reimbursement or use UILs calculator.


To use UILs calculator, click the link below-


Flat Fee Schedule


Use the tool to calculate the mileage between your school and a chapter center point. Enter your school's name or address first, then choose a sport, then a chapter center point. You may choose to avoid toll roads.  The Flat Fee schedule will appear below with the appropriate column highlighted based on the miles.


School     Enter School Name or address                 Chapter Center Point    Select Houston Area
Sport       Select Volleyball                                           Avoid Toll Roads?  Yes  No



A map will be shown and to the right of it is the school address and the mileage.  Remember it will only be one way reimbursed.  This is where the deduction for IRS can be useful.


A chart will appear under the map and a column will be highlighted a pale yellow. The first number is with the mileage added.  There is a separate entry on the TASO invoice for the mileage range fee. Game fees are the 2nd number. That is the number to be used on the TASO invoice for fees given per match.

Tournaments pay mileage each day per UIL section 1204 and the rates given in the highlighted column.

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