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Director Reports

District Director Summary of Meeting February 2-3, 2024
Day 1
The emphasis was on Sportsmanship and they noted ejections were down across the board with the exception of fan ejections which were up substantially.  UIL is stepping up their training for new coaches and for all coaches and administrators, with emphasis on bench control/protocol and uniform compliance.  They requested officials to submit Positive Sportsmanship Reports whenever they encountered a particularly notable event involving good sportsmanship.
The report from TAPPS state tournament was favorable except for bench control, according to Shelly Witte, who said nonplayers were consistently approaching sidelines after plays, she described the bench control as “non existent.”  So that should be a point of emphasis once again.

The report from the coaches association, 27,000 strong across all sports, said volleyball had 1,400 coaches present at their meeting.  This is the group responsible for initiating Officials Appreciation Night during the season
TASO State tourney had 48 officials, with 12 selected for the finals.  Selection for the finals means you R1 or R2 a match plus call lines.  Havoc representative Rich Richardson did us proud, I saw him call match point on a touch,  a well done Rich! This in addition to his usual professional performance as a referee as well.

The rules changes for this season are minimal, and are posted on the website or you may access them on nfhs.org.  
Several dates to be aware of for the upcoming season:
March 15 
TASO dues renewal deadline, after that there is an additional $25.00 charge
State Meeting is in Abilene July 12-13, chapter president, secretary,training opportunities and District Director meetings on the 12th, general session July 13
Regional Clinics (7)      July 20  Lubbock, Tx,. Arlington Martin
                                        July 21   Overton and San Antonio
                                        July 27    KATY        LEGACY STADIUM,  also McAllen Tx
                                      August 4  Bryan High School, Bryan Tx. You also have the option of doing the on line clinic but please handle early so our scheduler knows you are Ready For Assignment
Testing begins July 17, ends August 20.    Sometimes that date is extended, don’t count on it, test early and often!
On line clinics available July 17- Aug 20
Your dues to TASO cover the cost, but you MUST pre register to avoid a walk up fee of $25.00.    New referees do not pay for regional clinics nor a walk up, but please always pre register
Texas Girls All Star matches are in June this year, Divisions 1-4 on July 25, Divisions 5 and 6  are July 26, Arlington High School.  HAVOC IS PROVIDING R1 AND IF POSSIBLE A LINE JUDGE FOR THE 6A MATCH.  We need to have our selection of the crew chosen by April 1 and submitted to Russell Larson, lead official.

Day 2
Awards for officials for years of service from 5 years to 25 years will be presented at our chapter meeting in July.  Any official qualifying and being recognized for 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 years will be recognized individually at State, those 25 year officials will be recognized on screen, since there are 72 of them.  If you are not present at State but will  be getting an award that will be done in Houston, only those present at the meeting will be introduced during the awards portion.
Chapters can decide when they will no longer accept new members, TASO continues to allow joining a chapter up to August 1.  Historically the heaviest months for new member contacts are March, June and especially July.  It is my belief that we must come up with a way to tap into this personnel source, but that was not part of the meeting, just an opinion from me.
After introducing the fact a new gray jacket/ sweatshirt will be available, a few members  of the Board of Directors felt that the membership should be “polled” as to whether they would purchase such a shirt.  So stay tuned about whether or not that jacket/sweatshirt will actually become another uniform option.  They did mandate, however, that you must NOT wear a white TASO jacket over a gray uniform top, it must match, in fact they also decreed that any undershirt that an official wears shall MATCH the uniform shirt, so please, no white shirts under gray tops, no gray undershirts under white tops.   This is not a suggestion, it is the rule, now.  Personally I don’t think a “poll” in the off season is going to produce a good sample size, just an opinion.   This jacket, if authorized, makes it mandatory for more contact with your co official prior to your matches, as your uniforms must match each other.
TASO THREADS:    these are shirts and outer wear with the TASO logo on them, but they are not uniforms and are only for personal wear.  They will be sold, we will be notified by TASO when they are available
The Insurance rep, Mr. Whittaker, said there have been 23 claims already this insurance year, two of which paid the maximum $50,000, so they are concerned the policy will either be not renewed next year or the premiums will go up.  TASO charges $5.00
for insurance to members, that is not what it actually costs.  Worst case scenario our dues could go up if the new premium goes way up.  Very vague, nothing set so I just say hang loose, folks .   A reminder that TASO insurance covers officials to and from matches, and also to and from off season meetings and trainings.
Next year’s state meeting site has not been selected.  Mike Fitch displayed several potential hotels and venues and so far they have not said yes to TASO, the negotiations continue.  Don’t ask me, I have no idea.  This year’s meetings, so I was led to believe, are all in Abilene, which offers a massive savings, free parking, no traffic so the president says, and some fun events and hospitality events on Friday. Remember you must attend either State, a Regional Clinic (Katy, July 27 seems a good option) or take the online clinic to be eligible for a schedule, along with passing grades on the test and attendance at our Havoc training
Havoc will be providing a basket for the drawings, dollar limit is $150.   Anyone interested in crafting a basket please contact Connie Brennan or Perry Sontag or any board member.  I don’t know how we did it but last year Havoc made off with several drawing winners, I’m due.
Finally, the data sheets and graphs that Mr. Fitch loves so much will be available to view on our website, Houston made a nice move up the scales this past year, let’s remember we are a chapter with a proud and lengthy history and we need all of our members to contribute their best skills for the betterment of the game!
                                                    Dutifully submitted,  Tom Trigger

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