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Article I:  Name

This organization shall be known as the Houston Area Volleyball Officials’ Chapter (HAVOC). This chapter is formed as an affiliate of TASO.  In any matter not specifically referred to in these By-Laws and all matters inadvertently in conflict with law or practice of TASO, the chapter affirms its intent to abide by the law and practice as defined by TASO By-Laws. This chapter shall be composed of the following counties: Brazoria, Galveston, Harris, Montgomery, and Walker.


Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • to assist the state organization in recruiting and certifying UIL volleyball officials.

  • to improve the quality and consistency of volleyball officiating.

  • to support and promote the sport of volleyball.

  • to foster national and/or international amateur sports competition in volleyball.

Article III:  Membership Certification

Membership shall be in accordance with the specifications of the TASO By-Laws.  Acquiring, maintaining, and/or loss of certification of officials shall be in accordance with the TASO By-Laws/Operating Procedures.

Section 1: Each TASO official will be ranked each year by criteria from TASO. The rankings to be used for this purpose are: Certified, Approved, and Registered.  Rankings will be determined according to the following criteria:

  • Score on the current TASO/NF rules examination;

  • Completed years of experience as a secondary school official to date;

  • Number of regular season contests (varsity and sub-varsity) worked in the last varsity season;

  • Completion of the mandatory TASO Rules Clinic during the current year;

  • The number of proficiency units earned during the current  year.

A member’s failure to complete the mandatory exam and/or the mandatory rules clinic makes him/her ineligible for any officiating assignments.

A member’s failure to meet the mandatory requirements for two consecutive seasons may result in expulsion.


When circumstances beyond the control of the official prevent him/her from meeting the mandatory requirements, an official may apply, in writing to the TASO state office for a “hardship exception” using the approved form.


When an official retires, he/she will retire at the highest classification attained during his/her career.

Section 2:  A Certified official is that individual who has demonstrated consistent superior performance over a period of time.  This official is at the top of his/her peer group and has met standards of  performance in excess of those required of Approved or Registered. The specific requirements for this classification are explained and in accordance with the TASO Operating Procedures.                     


Section 3:  An Approved official is that individual who has demonstrated the competence and gained experience necessary to officiate at all levels of athletic competition in his/her sport.  This official is in the upper middle range of his/her peer group and is distinguished by TASO by means of proficiency units. The specific requirements for this classification are explained and in accordance with the TASO Operating Procedures.

Section 4:  A Registered official is that individual who, for whatever reason, does not meet the qualifications for a higher division, and all first and second year officials.  This official may work any level of athletic competition other than post-season play-off matches, unless requested by both coaches by name. The specific requirements for this classification are explained and in accordance with the TASO Operating Procedures.

Section 5:  Annual membership shall begin January 1, and end December 31, of the same year.


Section 6:  Membership dues shall be in the amount agreed upon by the HAVOC Executive Board and the membership at the annual meeting.

Section 7:  Any member not complying with the organizational requirements for “Conduct of Officials” specified in the By-Laws of TASO and HAVOC shall be subject to disciplinary action as set forth in the TASO Code of Ethics


Article IV: Executive Board and Board

The Executive Board and Board shall be the governing bodies of HAVOC. The Executive Board shall consist of the duly elected offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Scheduler of the organization. The Board consists of the above named offices and also includes, the Immediate Past President, District Director, President of a satellite chapter, (if applicable) and four (4) members-at-large. The Board shall be empowered to rule on situations not covered in the HAVOC By-Laws.

Article V: Meetings

HAVOC will sponsor regular meetings and clinics with notice to all members.  The minimum number of meetings per season will be in accordance with the TASO By-Laws.  The December meeting will be the Annual Meeting and count as the first meeting of the next season.

Attendance at ALL chapter meetings is required for ALL active members.


Any officiating member who fails to attend at least 2/3 of the meetings will not be eligible to officiate play-off matches and or vote on any items at the Annual Meeting in December of that current year.  Furthermore, he/she will be considered as a member not in good standing.  An official who does not attend 2/3 of the meetings could lose his/her HAVOC membership per disciplinary action of the HAVOC Executive Board.

If a member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she shall notify the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer within the week prior to the meeting.  Unexcused absences are subject to disciplinary action of the HAVOC Executive Board.

Article VI: Amendments

Any proposed amendment of the HAVOC By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board no less than four (4) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.  Amendments will be voted on at the Annual Meeting.

Article VII: Duties of Officers

Section 1:  The President shall preside at all of the meetings of the chapter and all board meetings.  He/she shall conduct all negotiations on behalf of the chapter.  He/she shall make every effort to further the policies adopted by the chapter.  He/she shall set meetings and clinics, act as co-signer with the Secretary/Treasurer, help with communications and appoint special committees, as needed.

Section 2:  The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in case of absence or inability to act.  He/she shall serve as an ex-officio member of any special committee established.  He/she arranges the sites of the meetings.  He/she will coordinate training sessions for the chapter.


Section 3:  The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep minutes of all the meetings of the chapter and the Executive Board.  He/she shall send out all notices, preserve records, have charge of all necessary printing and be responsible for chapter correspondence.  He/she shall be in charge of disbursement and collection of fees and dues authorized by the chapter, carry the funds of the chapter in a bank in the name of the chapter and issue all checks approved by the Executive Board on such funds.  A financial report shall be given at the Annual Meeting of the chapter.  He/she shall submit, in a timely manner, all necessary documentation to TASO relative to the members of the chapter and their officiating activity.  He/she should be bonded. 


Section 4:  The Scheduler is responsible for recording all match and tournament assignments received from participating schools, for assignments of qualified officials to matches, for the timely distribution of schedules to schools and officials and for scheduling games due to non-compliance of TASO requirements.  The scheduler may appoint an assistant scheduler to help with the duties of the scheduler each year and he/she must be approved by the Board.


He/she shall make collection of match assignment fees, which shall be assessed by the chapter.  Notification of assessment fees shall be received by each member of the chapter at the conclusion of the current season.


A list of play-off officials shall be compiled by the Board, as requested, by UIL.  This list shall consist of official’s names, classification and any other information as requested by TASO.  This list shall be forwarded to the UIL.


Regional and State officials are selected by the UIL.


Official’s assignments shall be based on: HAVOC member in good standing, certification, experience, availability, exam score, location, school’s request and official’s request.


Section 5:  Members-at-Large shall be representative of and for all the general membership.  There shall be four (4) members elected.  The term is rotating with two (2) elected each year for a two (2) year term.


Section 6:  No HAVOC member shall have any right, title or interest in or to any property owned by HAVOC or used in connection with the performance of its functions, nor in or to any income or other funds received by it; and no part of the net earnings of HAVOC shall inure to the benefit of any member.


Article VIII: Loss of HAVOC Membership

Section 1:   Failure to pay chapter and TASO dues, assignments fees and/or fines.


Section 2:   Notice to the Executive Board of an unsatisfactory performance by an official from a coach shall be investigated, and if indicated, the President shall appoint a qualified member to observe the official in question and report to the Executive Board.  Any further action shall be left to the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 3:  Failure to attend 2/3 of the chapter meetings and all of the required training and clinics.  If a member is excessively absent, whether excused or unexcused, the case shall be reviewed by the Executive Board.

Section 4:   Continuous failure to report to assigned matches.


Article IX: Satellite Chapter

A satellite chapter may be established in accordance with TASO By-Laws.


Article X: Code of Ethics

HAVOC members are regulated by the established policies and procedures as established and voted on by TASO, which include, but are not limited to, the following policies:

Conflict of Interest, Uniform, Transparency, Designated Administrator, Solicitation, Social Media, Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Standard Ethics, Standards of Conduct, Arbiter, Metro/Non-Metro and Game Assignment.  Policies or statements for guidance on these issues are found on the TASO website.  Go to www.taso.org/taso-policies


Article XI:  Administrative

Section 1:  Members who fail to comply with the By-Laws, and/or chapter policies, are delinquent in the payment of authorized charges, fines, penalties, assessments, or for any other conduct conclusively established to be contrary to the best interests of the Chapter, shall be subject to disciplinary action based on recommendation of the Board, pursuant to the TASO Due Process Guidelines.

Section 2: Members may appeal disciplinary action taken by the chapter’s Board to TASO’s state office at the following address:

1221 W. Campbell Rd., Suite 191

Richardson, Tx  75080

Phone:  214-390-2749        Fax:  214-390-2895

Section 3: HAVOC shall conduct pre-season training programs and educational information during the year at Chapter meetings. 


Article XII: Election Procedures

Section 1:  The Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee prior to the Annual Meeting. That committee shall submit nominee(s) for each position due for election.  The Vice-President serves as the Chairperson.

Additional nominations for officers of this organization shall be accepted from the floor when submitted by active members in good standing at the Annual Meeting.


Section 2:  Elections shall be by written ballot with the winners determined by a plurality vote (person receiving the most votes).  Every member running for an office may designate a person to observe the counting of the ballots.  Members in good standing at the Annual Meeting are eligible to run for office and vote in the elections.  Election results shall be filed with the chapter secretary and kept until the next Annual Meeting elections.

Section 3:  Officers shall take office January 1.  Term of office shall be for one (1) year with the exception of members-at-large being elected for two (2) years. (rotating)


Section 4:  Officers resigning or unable to fulfill their elected position will be replaced by the Board at a called meeting as soon as possible.  Those officers relinquishing their position will be removed from all committees and positions associated with the elected office from which he/she has resigned.

Section 5:  In the event any of the positions of the HAVOC Board cannot be filled by an election, the Board may appoint a member to fulfill that office until the next election.


Section 6:  Board members shall attend called Board meetings and complete assigned duties.

Article XIII:  Provisions

HAVOC prohibits sexual harassment, intimidation and/or violence as defined in federal law.  HAVOC prohibits unlawful discrimination or harassment because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, age or physical or mental disability.

Article XIV: Fees

All officials shall comply with the schedule of fees and travel allowances as outlined in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules.

Article XV:  Ratifications and Amendments

Section 1:  These policies become effective upon their approval by a majority of the present active membership at a meeting.

Section 2:  Amendments to these By-laws may be made by a two–thirds (2/3) majority vote of active members present at the Annual Meeting after the proposed amendment has been presented to the Board.

Article XVI:  Dissolution

In the event either TASO or Houston Area Volleyball Officials’ Chapter is dissolved or ceases to be recognized by Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL) as the provider of officials for all volleyball contests, the remaining funds in HAVOC shall be, at that time, voted by the Executive Board to transfer funds to a new account name for the sole purpose of continuing the provisions of these By-Laws with a new name or to completely dissolve with equal distribution of funds to current members in good standing.

Dec., 2015

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